More Connection Creates Less School Violence



I created this website to bring awareness to the correlation between connection with

students and school violence, specifically school shootings.  I am not  indicating that

more student-Teacher Connection will end school shootings, but along with other

information I provide on this website will help with the violence in our school systems.  Student's

parents, educators and community need to work together as a team to provide the connection our

students need to successfully thrive in the world we live in.  


I recently took a class on school shootings and want to share some of what I learned during the

course.  I will share podcasts on what can lead to violence; connecting with students and noticing concerning behavior; the need for educators to create relationships with students and families; connecting with students and noticing concerning behavior.


My goal is to share this information in hopes that we can all do something, small or big to connect

with our students whether it's through school, community or at home!