6th Grade Technology

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Welcome to Technology

with Ms. Lee


About the Class


Topics to Cover

This class will prepare the students for the technology demands at Gates High School where they will be working on MacBook laptops.  This year students will be working on assigned MacBooks that they will share with the other classes.  Students will be required to respect the assigned equipment and treat them with care.


The technology class will cover a variety of topics to prepare the students for Project Based Learning (PBL) at Gates High School.  As such, the majority of the class assessments will be project based rather than examinations.  Writing skills are an integral part of PBL so the students will be required to write in their Technology Journal.


Class time will be spent on keyboarding, researching, writing, working with various applications and multimedia techniques as well as working on a monthly school newsletter.  Every month each class will experience on of the many positions needed to put together the newsletter.  Students will learn to assist their fellow classmates by proofing and critiquing each other's work.


I will communicate with parents and students using Edline and assignments and additional instructions will be on Moodle.  However, students will also write their assignments in their Planner. 


I look forward to this year and passing on the multimedia knowledge I’ve gained in my life.  I have “real-world” experiences to share with my students.














Word Processing

How to create Flyers, Brochures and Newsletters


How to create a spreadsheet and use formulas for:

budgets and charts


How to create enhanced podcasts and audio recordings


How to create a basic slideshow, use active buttons and save as a .mov

How to use GarageBand with the slideshow


How to edit videos and photos with audio recordings using iMovie