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Flyer - Elections


Final Project

  1. You can work with a partner, but each of you must turn in a different flyer.
  2.  The flyer must be on a regular 8.5”x11” sheet of paper.
  3. You can create the flyer in Word, Pages, PowerPoint, Photoshop or by hand.
  4.  The flyer must include:

A title (such as VOTE)

The Candidate’s name (for you or a buddy)

The Race

A slogan

Make it visually appealing

             Include a logo or other image

             Use minimal, yet effective, text

             Make good use of “white” space

 5.  On the back write your full name, date, class and period.










This project incorporates skills such as research, writing, audio & visual (PowerPoint or iMovie), oral presentation and good time management.  This project can be fun.





TOPICS must be chosen from either: Ocean Related

                                                  Something Environmental

                                                  Space Related

                                                  Family Heritage



Part I - Proposal - DUE Tuesday, February 5


Students write a 2 page proposal about the topic they choose for this semester long project.  The topic needs to be approved by Ms. Lee.  It needs to be something that can be researched; person(s) to be interviewed; and items scanned or photos taken.  This can be done in their journal.


Part II - Outline of Presentation - DUE Tuesday, March 19


Students write an outline detailing how they plan on putting together their project.  

Will they use PowerPoint/Keynote or iMovie?

Which soundbites from their audio files will they use?


Part III - Script - DUE Tuesday April 23


Students need to write a script in order to do an audio recording.  The script also will help organize the order of the photos and any other elements the student wishes to include such as soundbites from their interviewees.


Part IV - Narration recorded - DUE Tuesday May 7


Students will use their scripts to record the audio portion of their presentations.


Part V - Presentation - DUE Tuesday May 21


Students will put together a presentation using PowerPoint, Keynote or iMovie.  They can rely completely on their recorded narration as the presentation, or they may use what they’ve recorded in addition to any “live” presentation they wish to use.  The presentation should not be more than 5 minutes long.


Students need to scan all pictures and documents at home and save to their thumbdrive/flashdrive.  Students should not bring family heirlooms or pictures to school.


Students can use class time to work on the project and can work ahead of deadlines.


Grades will be based on organization of material, knowledge of subject, voice, eye contact, expression and time.