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Mrs. Lent     English 12 (ERWC)    Santee Education Complex

                        Welcome to Our Class Webpage!

                                                                                                                Everything you need to know and access can be found here.


                                                                                                                         “Block quotes are a great way to emphasize text.”
                                                                                                                           - George Washington (probably)


                             How Can I Pass This Class?

  • Attend class every day
  • Ask questions- I will assume if you don't ask any questions, that you understand everything.
  • READ the syllabus, highlight it and put important information in your calendar/ agenda- you will be treated like an adult....and held accountable for the information I give you.
  • Turn in work on time.  If you are out, you have one week to see me and make up any missing work.  After 1 week, it becomes a ZERO.
  • Know that I DO NOT offer extra credit.
  • Remember that quizzes, tests and essays impact your grade THE MOST.

                                     Grading Policy

    • Quizzes, Tests, & Essays - 50%
    • Classwork (including daily warm up questions in Schoology) 40%
    • Homework 10%-(per LAUSD policy)

          While homework is not a large part of your grade, it is necessary to complete classwork on time. 

           If you fail to do your homework, your classwork grade will be impacted.

                                      90-100%   A

                                      80-89%     B

                                      70-79%     C

                                      60-69%     D

                                      0-59%       F


                            Daily Assignments & Homework


Introductions/ Getting Started


Fall Semester

The Art of War 

What’s Next? Thinking About Life After High School

The Value of Life


Spring Semester

Language, Gender, and Culture

The Kite Runner

Bring a Text You Like to Class: Bridging Out-of-School and In-School Literacies

The Senior Portfolio click here



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