Geoscience and News Information                         https://geology.com/teacher/     

This website includes plenty of links for different sites that provide useful factual information as well as activities and lesson plans. I like it because it has interactive links to different topics under the umbrella of Earth Science. It also has a link for worksheet activities broken down to different grade levels.


U.S. Geological Survey                                     https://www.usgs.gov/            

This site has real time information on earthquakes. I like this site because it is a repository for past and current earthquake activities. It includes the magnitude, specific location of the epicenter, and a felt report amongst other deeper topics. It is a great tool for students to become fully aware of the ongoing movement of the Earth.


Smithsonian Learn and Explore          https://www.si.edu/educators                           

This website provides educators with various resources to use in the classroom. I like it because it has numerous lessons, labs, and student activities that can be personalized for my own classroom so that I can better suit the needs of the students. One other great thing is that it is free to sign up.


Livescience                                                        https://www.livescience.com/                             

This website has articles on various scientific topics. There are plenty of news articles on findings and just some fun facts that are not addressed in the newspaper, the media, or on regular news websites. I like this website because it lets students see things that they may not encounter in their daily lives and opens their eyes to the things that have been discovered or are in the process of being studied.


Phet Interactive Simulations                            https://phet.colorado.edu/                               

This website is very helpful for both science and math. I like this website because it has tons of interactive subjects for chemistry, physics, and biology. There are links for numerous activities, assignments, experiments, and homework for different grade levels. This classwork is contributed by teachers from different countries to include the US.