Consumer Math

“Money grows on skills, not trees” ― Mac Duke The Strategist


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In this course, students will apply mathematical skills to real-life applications.  Consumer Math utilizes a hands-on, project-based approach including labs, computer-based investigations, and portfolio projects. This class fulfills a math requirement.  This is NOT a Regents course.   Some topics covered will be:

       Personal Finance                                          Balancing a Checkbook                                     Creating Budgets                             Buying and Leasing Vehicles                           Renting and Purchasing Homes                         Personal Record Keeping                                           Paying Taxes                                                    Figuring Tips                            Planning and Paying for Vacations                                     Investments                                                    Charitable Giving                                                  Consumerism                                                                                                                        Insurance                                                         Entrepreneurship


Classwork / Homework Assignments                      20%

Projects                                                                         40%

Tests / Quizzes                                                             40%


Students should bring their textbook,  binder and a supply of loose-leaf paper, as well as a blue or black pen and a supply of pencils to class every day.  Students may use a basic calculator.  Students may use their phone or electronic as a calculator to do classwork and assignments, unless the students abuse this privilege.  Students MAY NOT use their phone or electronic device as a calculator during tests.