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Two links for the latest info on Covid and Covid research



Guidelines put out for school sports in the fall......


Are you wondering when you can get a haircut again?  Or go shopping in a mall?  How about a regular dentist appointment?  Or eating in a restaurant?  These are the things I want to do!!!  This article explains it with as much detail as we can get our state government to give - but there's a lot of "gray area".....



The endangered leatherback turtle is laying a lot of eggs in Florida and Thailand due to Covid-19 restrictions of people on the beaches!



I was wondering about our progress into Covid treatments and vaccines.  Perhaps you have been, too.  This is a good article that outlines where we're at with each currently.



Should you wipe down your food and food wrappings?  I've wondered this myself.  The FDA says it's not necessary.



  • How can you tell if it's Covid -19 with allergy season upon us?  Read the following for the differences in symptoms between allergies, a cold, strep, the flu, and Covid-19. ( I have this article hanging on my 'fridge, along with the next one, for quick reference!)



This is an interesting video, from the New England Journal of Medicine,  that uses laser lights to show the trajectory of "spit" droplets that are released into the air when someone speaks, both while wearing  and without wearing a mask.   A great visual to get across the importance of mask wearing while in public!!!


4/19/20  - There's always a "silver lining".  Here are some positive things that are happening in our world:



  • General information about the Coronavirus:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • This is an interesting article I came across about the benefits of exercise and how exercise may protect against deadly complications from the virus.  Worth a read:  


  • Information on wearing a mask, including how to make a mask (sewn and no-sew directions)