Health 7

"Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings." Syrus

Current Unit:

Body Systems


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Course Description:

In Health 7, students will gain the knowledge and skills to make responsible health-related decisions.  This course will provide information that students need in order to understand how to become and stay healthy, stressing healthy choices and decision making.  Some topics covered will be: self-management, stress management, health advocacy, hygiene, physical activity and nutrition, violence prevention, suicide prevention, substance abuse, HIV / AIDS, and body systems, including puberty.    


The grades for Health 7 will be based on the following:

Assignments (Classwork / Homework/Participation)               20%                          

Projects                                                                                             40% 

Tests                                                                                                   40%

Class Supplies:

Yellow 3-Ring Binder, 3 Dividers, Loose Leaf  Paper, Blue or Black Pens,