Developing as a Professional Educator

Professional Goal:

Continue to define personalized learning and differentation for all students, helping each student to reach their desired goals.  When educators are able to accurately define the needs and learning styles of all students, acheivement is higher and school engagemen increases.

Sustaining Energy to be Passionate:

Work/Life balance is essential to this profession.  Using school breaks to completely disconnect from the job and summer break to recharge are both essential to this position.  The needs of students will always outweigh what one teacher can do or provide.  Do what you can but give yourself permission to take care of yourself and your family as well.

How to Remain Connected:

The teachers you work with are one of the best resources for staying up-to-date on the most current changes to the world of education.  In addition, continuing my education has been a key and vital part of my success as an educator. 

Advice for New Teachers:

Reach out for help and guidance as often as needed!  The world of teaching is not an easy one.  This profession is more complex than ever before.  Veteran teachers can offer their expertise to help guide you towards the resources and advice that is proven to work in the classrooms.