Mission Possible!

Pleasant Union Elementary Counseling program is a Recognized American School Association Program (RAMP).  

The mission of Pleasant Union Elementary School is to make every child a
success story.

Philosophical Statement

Wake County School district believes that:
·  All students should have access to a counselor who is full time,  
   state certified, and masters degree level
·  That counselors should spend a majority of their time working directly
   with students in the three domains of academic, personal/social and   
·  Schools are a microcosm of society reflecting a culture characterized
   by diversity, complexity and changing values in the home, school and   
·  The counselors’ program should be aligned with district and school

The counselor at Pleasant Union Elementary school believes:

·  All students are fully capable of becoming success stories
·  All students should have equitable access to the school counseling
·  All students have intrinsic worth and specific rights
·  All students, teachers, and parents should have access to counseling
·  All students can learn and it is the responsibility of the school to
   create a system of interventions to assist students who are having
·  The counselor should be a strong advocate for all students as they
   progress through their normal developmental stages
·  The counselor is a member of the educational team who helps students
   meet their developmental and achievement needs
·  The counselor demonstrates professional growth and participates in
   professional growth activities
·  The counselor uses data to determine program success and to monitor
   student achievement

And that the Pleasant Union Elementary counseling program should:

·  Be a developmental, balanced and comprehensive program where all
   students can achieve success
·  Be one that addresses the needs of the school and continuously
   evaluates outcomes
·  Be one that adheres to ethical standards of the state and national
   school counselor associations
·  Be proactive in assisting students in effectively adapting to their
   ever changing world
·  Be collaborative in nature and guided by support from staff, students
   and parents
·  Be aligned with the goals of both the Wake County Public School
   System and Pleasant Union Elementary School