Dear Friends:

     I would like to take this time to thank the people who have spent time in our class this year and made your child's Kindergarten year happier, richer and more learning-rich.  Without them, I don't know what I would have done.  I am so deeply grateful.

     Thank you, Mrs. B. who joined us around the new year and has made such a huge difference to our class.  She knows just what to do to help us when and if we need her.  She is quick to lend a hand to help a child who needs another explanation or a demonstration on how to do a newly learned skill.  She will wipe away a tear, give out a bandaid, or run to the nurse with a child who thinks they may just vomit at any second!  She cheers us all on and shows us tenderness, structure and discipline when we need it.  She is retiring at the end of this year and we will greatly miss her!!

    Thanks also to Mrs. Cornelio who has come in to help in our class throughout the year.  Her kindness and love has helped us all learn what it means to be a loving, forgiving person.

     Many thanks to our super duper room parents:  Mrs. McGuire and Mrs. Pagliuca.  What would have become of us if not for you?  You kept us organized and happy and helped us navigate our way through food restrictions yet still have fun at our parties throughout the year.  You never let us down and we love you.

     Our "Backpack Moms" ...Mrs. Ourdyl, Mrs. Lazure and Mrs. Taylor.  You were as reliable as anyone could be and not one of you ever left the room without asking "Is there anything else I can do for you?" You are the best!!

     Thank you wonderful Guest Reader.  The students loved to hear a different voice than mine, a different accent, a different way of telling and making a story come alive.  We loved having you in on Fridays!!

     If you came on a Field Trip or came in for a party or special project, we thank you.  Thanks to Mrs. Dee for sending us fans when the heat wave hit and Mrs. McGuire for sending a cooler full of water during the heat!!  You are always giving!!

     Thanks to the PTO for always supporting classroom teachers with great enrichment programs and supplies that we may need.  You are the best.

      And thank you to Mrs. Molle, our Principal, who always made time in her very busy day to come read a story, stop in with the Top Dogs or just to see how our day was going.  We loved having you in and I know the kids feel very comfortable knowing you are taking care of us all!!

     Have a great summer everyone.