Mrs. McBride's Kindergarten News


 Dear Kindergarten Families: WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN!! You are in for a big treat because Kindergarten is the best.  We have so much fun and we learn sooo much! I am looking forward to meeting wtih you all in a few weeks!  Please bring any questions you may have with you and I will be happy to answer them.  I will be sure to make your Kindergartner feel welcome and relaxed when we meet.  We will have a little tour of the room, you will have some paperwork to fill out and finish at home.  I will ask your child to draw a picture of him/herself and I will ask him some questions.  It is very informal and is designed to allay fears yor child may have.  The first month of school is very exciintg and busy, as most of our time is spent on routines and getting the students to feelcomfortable in our school and meet the many staff with whom they will be in contact throughout the year.  We do tours of the classroom, the school, the nurse's office, the principal's office, etc.  I want the students to feel right at home from the start.  There are many wonderful people at the LIttle School just wanting to help your child make a smooth transition.  We are all here for you whenever you need us.  I have asked families to come to Orientation with doctors' and dentists' names and phone numbers for our many forms.  Please make sure to read over the letter I sent home, so you know what supplies to bring with you as well.  Don't forget a backpack and snack bag with your child's name written on it for the first day.  I will be meeting the students in the cafeteria on the first day.  Drop-offs will come to the driveway to the right of the cafeteria, where you will be met by a Little School staff member who will assist your Kindergartnere getting out of the car and walking into the school.  If you would like, on the first day, you may accompany your child into the cafeteria, where I will be waiting.  After teh first day, however, please just drop and go to alleviate congestion in the drop off area and anxiety in your child.  I promise; I will take good care of your most prized possession! See you soon!