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English 10

Ms. Monson

Room F31

(661) 123-4567



The American Experience by Prentice Hall

3-ring binder, 3 inch width, 5 filing tabs


Homework Policy

English 10 is a required class for graduation. If your final grade is less than a “C,” you will have to retake the whole class!


Passing Grades         Failing Grades

A     90-100%               D      60-69%

B     80-89%                 F         0-59%

C     70-79%



Students and parents may refer to the class website for information on assignments and grades. Please contact Ms. Monson by email (a text box will open within the website).


Absences and Tardies

Notify Ms. Monson as soon as you know that you will be absent. Refer to the class website for assignments. Turn in missed assignments on the day that you return to school.


My Dog Ate My Homework

If you want full credit for your work, turn in assignments on their due dates. You may turn in work late with a loss of 10% of the grade per day (ex: 5 days = -50% possible points).


Rules and Procedures

Respect yourself.

Respect your classmates and teacher.