Rules and Regulations

2011 Classroom Expectations and Policies

Ms. Orta - Language Arts/English

What you should expect from me:

A safe, bias-free, tolerant learning environment that attempts to meet each student’s learning needs, while maintaining energy and dedication to my profession

Knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy that provides for a challenging and engaging curriculum in reading, writing, thinking, and speaking

A fair but firm attitude about behavior and instruction

Grading and posting that is done in a timely manner

Appropriate, straightforward, approachable style

email address where I can be reached:

What I expect from you:

An open mind and respect for education matched with your effort and persistence

Respect for yourself, your peers, guests, and me

Punctuality and presence (To be on time in your seat at the bell)

To be on task and not distracted by electronic or non-electronic media

Communication with teacher- email

To be responsible for your behaviors and learning:

-Effort and attention translates to higher grades and test scores (learning)

-Assignments to be submitted on time to your best ability

-Responsibility for your absences and missed assignments (teacher will not)

What I expect from your parent(s)/guardian(s):

Ability to keep track of child’s progress via Parent Portal

Contact teacher when necessary via email for most expedient response

To keep your child’s absences to a minimum (see behaviors that hinder)

Behaviors that will hinder your progress:

Tardiness (is not tolerated); be in your seat at the bell.

Absences (should be kept to a minimum- use the website to keep up or have a buddy)

Disrespectful behavior-including cell phone use (teacher will confiscate if in plain view)

Submitting assignments late (most assignments will not be accepted late)

Bathroom policy

Go when you have to go- use a bathroom pass for accountability and use common sense

Teacher has the right to suspend bathroom pass for inappropriate use

Grading policy

You will get written information about all projects and grading rubrics

Usually homework, unless specified, is worth one grade

Quizzes, unless specified, are worth one to three grades

Tests, unless specified, are worth four or more grades

Essays, unless specified, are like tests

Commensurate time for assignments due to excused absences

Assignments will not be graded nor distributed for unexcused absences

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