Syllabus Grade 9

Syllabus Grade 9 Language Arts 

Ms. Orta-


Critical Reading- reader attains such skills as annotating as a study skill,

employs literary analysis, and reads for content, context, and meaning

(includes vocabulary study)

Critical Writing- student will write with purpose, with grammatical

awareness, and with focus, detail and organization

Critical Viewing- viewer employs critical reading, writing, and thinking

skills while viewing instructional videos


In every area of study:

Critical Thinking- thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking

through skills and awareness- Using application, analysis, synthesis,

evaluation, and incorporating the dialectic.

Creative Thinking- involves creating something new or original. It involves

the skills of flexibility, originality, fluency, elaboration


Critical Reading & Critical Viewing- Literature- every quarter students will

read a supplementary novel from a teacher list


1.  Survey- The Short Story- McDougall Littell Literature- stories vary

            Plot, POV, Characterization, Symbol, irony, author’s purpose,

        literary analysis

2. The Epic/Poetry- The Odyssey

            Meter, Greek Mythology, Forms, Language                 

3. The Play- Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

            Meter, figurative language, paraphrasing, irony, conflict, diction, 


4. The Novel- Whole class study

            Same skills as the short story


Critical Writing - Writing and Grammar Skills

1. The sentence- grammar skills for Standard English and standardized tests



            Independent Clauses v. Dependent Clauses Phrases and the Comma

            Sentence Variation

            Semicolon, colon, dash


 2. The paragraph

            Topic sentence and main idea

            Supporting details and elaboration

            Techniques- transition, creative writing strategies, sentence


3. The essay





Critical Reading, Writing, Viewing and Thinking:


Research and Reference: Research Project



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