Criterion Individualized Skill Builders

Page Overview:  Based on individual student needs as determined by Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service, this page provides access to various online skill builders to enhance writing performance.

Student Instructions:

  1. Your teacher has provided you with the skills practice checklist on which you will complete after every activity.
  2. Select the heading and subheading that matches your needed skill practice and then find the matching activites below.
  3. The activities in black font coorespond to a book and page, where as the activites in blue font are links to an online activity.
  4. Complete the activities in the order they are laid out. After completing each activity, record the score (80% accuracy needed to continue), have it initialed, and continue onto the next assigned activity.

Individual Skill Builer Activities:

Grammar Errors

 Usage Errors

Mechanics Errors

  • Spelling
  • Capitalized Proper Nouns & Missing Initial Capital Letter in a Sentence
    • Language Network; p. 232; Practice & Apply
    • Language Network; p. 235; Practice & Apply - A
    • Language Network; p. 238; Practice & Apply - A
    • Language Network; p. 241; Practice & Apply - A
    • Language Network; p. 241; Practice & Apply - B
    • Language Network; p. 633; Ex. 1
    • Language Network; p. 634; Ex. 2
    • Language Network; p. 634 -5; Ex. 3
    • Language Network; p. 635; Ex. 4
    • Exercise in Capitalization

Stylistic Errors

  • Repetition of Words