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A common tool in plumbing or carpentry is the vice, or as they are also called - yew. Without this tool, during the necessary work, it is very difficult to manage, and sometimes it is completely impossible. Therefore, the metal vise becomes a very frequent object for purchases. In this article, we will tell in detail about what the vise is, what features they have, how and what to buy the metal fence is better so as not to be mistaken, and to get what is needed.

Purpose of metal fence

Let's start with what is this tool for? - In fact, it is designed to conveniently fix and fasten the part that will be processed. That is, when working with metal products, wooden or plastic workpieces, for a good and high-quality processing, it is necessary that this part is firmly fixed. Hold the part firmly with your hands, it just will not work, so for this purpose, just such a tool as a vice was invented.

There are several types of vice, which have almost the same purpose, but at the same time, they have some differences in their design. So, there are locksmith and machine vice, as well as hand and carpentry. In addition, they can be as with a manual drive (the part is fixed by turning the handle, with your own hands), and with a mechanized drive. The most popular type of vice is the rotary metal vise, which is also often used as a carpenter's vice, although there is still a difference between carpentry and locksmith's.

When buying a vice, most often pay attention to the metalwork type, as it is the most universal, simple and practical. To date, the price of locksmiths can be completely different. This is in the constructive and technical differences, which we will now talk about.

Which are better to choose locksmithing when buying?

Now, about what tips to adhere to while choosing the fitters in the store, buying them from your hands or ordering in an online store. There are several criteria and details on which you need to pay close attention. Among these details, we distinguish the following:

- size of the fitter's vice;

- material from which they are made;

- thread of the rotary mechanism;

- size of sponges and their structural surface;

- The availability of additional functions.

The size of the vice. First of all, during the purchase, you need to pay attention to the size of your future metalwork tool. If you are sure that you will always work with small details or blanks, it is best to pay attention to the small vice that will be convenient in that case, convenient for carrying, and cost an order of magnitude less than the large-sized grip. That is, there is no point in overpaying for a big tool if you need a small vise. This is the first, and perhaps the most obvious. For other details about locksmith feel free visit this link What does a locksmith do?

Well, now you know all about how to make the right purchase with respect to such a tool as a metal vise. This knowledge will help you not to make mistakes, wherever and how the purchase did not take place - in the store, on the flea market, buying them in the state of "used", or choosing them from the Internet - buying this product in an online store.