Useful Websites

Use the following for your BIOME research

The following websites contain travel information (things to do and see) for the BIOMES listed:

Tropical Rainforest


Temperate Deciduous Forest

Coniferous forest (Taiga) 



Grassland (Savanna)



SCIENCE TEXTBOOK Life Science Textbook online sight (you will need your user id and password to log in)

text book


Note:  Some of the following websites require a USERNAME and PASSWORD when you are working at home.  If you need a USERNAME/PASSWORD, see the Research Pathfinder sheet provided to you by Ms. White. Zoo Atlanta Website  CHECK THIS SITE FIRST.  All animals can be found her Online encyclopedia.  Citations are given at the bottom of the page for all information found on this cite (you will need the citation for your Bibliography) Need USERNAME and PASSWORD Select High School or Teens page.  Good site for researching journals, magazines, websites and periodicals.  You will use this site more and more thru high school and college.  Need PASSWORD Need USERNAME and PASSWORD Use this site to help you draw a diagram of your animal.  Will also give a lot of information to help you answer questions about your animal.  Need a USERNAME and PASSWORD National Geographic Animal Planet/Discovery Channel National Zoo in Washington DC Sandiego Zoo Adelaide Zoo Enclosure Design

For this project, you need to create a bibliography page.  The bibliography is a place will you will cite ALL sources.  The following websites will allow you to easily create your citation: Easy Bibliography USE THIS WEBSITE FIRST TO CREATE BIBLIOGRAPHY.  All you have to do is enter ISBN # of a book and the citation is automatically created. citation machine If easybib is not working, can use this cite to create citations