homework sign

REMINDER:  Homework not turned in on the due date is considered LATE.  The highest grade received on LATE work is 70%.  Please check your child's agenda for HW assignments and encourage them to look at their agenda every night.

If you've been absent, please make sure you've completed or are working on the following: 


Week of Monday August 23rd

7th Grade:  Students need to make sure to have the following school supplies (DUE Monday 8/30): 

5 different colored folders (with clips), red, orange, yellow, green, purple

JUMBO book cover

Spiral Notebook (any color or size...something appropriate for journal writing)

If you had difficulty finding the correct folders, parents please send in a note (I know many of the folders were gone from stores).  

Signed Safety Contract (Due Friday 8/24)


8th Grade: 

Signed syllabus and spiral notebook (any color or size) (Due tomorrow Tues 8/24)

Metric Practice Worksheet (Due tomorrow Wed 8/25) 


Week of Monday August 30th

7th Grade:  

Today you must have all your class materials (Folders, Spiral Notebook, Jumbo Book Cover, Notecards, Colored Pencils)

Finish Textbook Scavenger Hunt nametag (due tomorrow...Tuesday Aug 31st)