Redan Middle School

1775 Young Road

Lithonia, GA  30058


Teacher:  Lucinda O’Neal                                                                          7th grade World Studies                                                        Phone: (678)874-7985        Room: 703                                                            Team :Blue

Course Description:

This course is designed to teach about Africa and Asia. In seventh grade, students conclude the study of major world region. The four strands of social studies are integrated, with history as the central strand. The history strand focuses on historical developments essential to understanding a specific region in the modern world. The geography strand relates the importance of geography to each region’s development. The civics strands and introduces students to the economic development of each region. Please refer to the Georgia Performance Standards for detailed listings of standards. (

Textbook: My World Studies, Grade 7/ Pearson / $50.00

If the textbook is lost, stolen, or damaged (missing the barcode); it is the student’s responsibility to pay for the book before a replacement book is issued. In the event that the lost book is found, please retain all receipts.

Outline of Course:

•             Unit One              Connecting Themes and Enduring Understandings

•             Unit Two              Southwest Asia (Middle East)

•             Unit Three          Africa

•             Unit Four             Southern and Eastern Asia

•             Unit Five              Personal Finance

Description of Standards

Georgia Performance Standards for 7th grade Social Studies will be taught during this course.  Please refer to the Georgia Performance Standards for detailed listings of standards.  (

Supplies (teacher discretion)

•             Blue and red ink pens                              Agenda Book        1 pack printing paper

•             3-ring binder                                            Color Pencils

•             Loose-leaf paper, college rule                Glue Sticks

•             Pocket Tissues                                          Hand Sanitizer


Grading Scale                                                  Weighted Averages                                                                       

100-90               A                                     Classwork (Portfolios)               35%

80-89                 B                                      Homework                                   15%

71-79                  C                                      Test                                              30%

70                        D                                     Quizzes                                         10%                   

69 and below     F                                     Final Assessment                         10%

Policies / Regulations 

It is the policy of the DeKalb County School System that students will receive a denotation of “I” (Incomplete) for any missing assignments until student work is completed. Student work must be completed within the prescribed time limit set by your school.  The maximum point allotment will be 80%. 

      • Zeros Are not Permitted Policy:  (ZAPP)- It is the expectation of this faculty that all assignments are completed for mastery.  If an assignment is not submitted and/or does not meet standards, then the student must complete and/or re-do the assignment during one or more of the outlined Safety Nets.

      •  Homework- Homework is expected to be completed as assigned.

      •  Late work / It is the policy of the DeKalb County School System that students will receive a denotation of “I” (Incomplete) for any missing assignments until student work is completed. Student work must be completed within the prescribed time limit.  The maximum point allotment will be 80%.  Late work is only accepted from students who were absent.

      •   Make-up work- Announced work, such as homework, quizzes and major assessments are due the day the student returns.  For each day’s excused absence, students will have one day to make up missed work.  If a student is absent under extenuating circumstances, special arrangements can be made to make up work.  IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE CALENDAR AND/OR REQUEST MISSED WORK.

       •   Academic honesty- Receiving or giving information for an assignment is cheating and when caught in the act students will not receive credit nor receive the opportunity for a chance of make-up. Plagiarism is not acceptable: If a student takes information from the Internet or any printed resources without a citation, it is considered plagiarism and will result in a reduction in grade.

       •   Safety Net Opportunities- Any opportunity afforded to students to ensure mastery of required standards.  Suggested safety nets may include but are not limited to: before and after school tutorial, Saturday School, Second Chance Café, make-up packets, special projects, teacher tutorials, and technology based projects, research and other extended learning opportunities.

Expectation/Consequences/ Discipline

Students must adhere to the DCSS Student Code of Conduct, as well as specific class rules. It is expected that all students adhere not only to the DCSS Student Code of Conduct but the rules put in place by the Redan Middle School administration. It is also expected that each student come to class on time, come prepared with all their materials, immediately get on task as well as stay on task. Finally it is expected that each student give 110%.   

Important dates- See county / school website/check student agenda daily.

Required Projects, reading list and other special assignments

Social Studies Fair- The completed project due date will be Thursday November 3, 2011. Students will receive instruction regarding social studies fair projects during the school day. Students are expected to work on their projects outside of class as well. No late submissions will be accepted. Additional information will be forthcoming.


Students are expected to prepare a portfolio of their work during the semester. Students keep a school portfolio of their academic work in the classroom. They will also keep a home portfolio, which will be a collection of independent learning activities and community service performed over the course of the semester. Each portfolio has a self-evaluation component. Guidelines for the portfolio will be forthcoming

Mini-Projects/ Independent Learning

Throughout the semester, students may be assigned mini projects related to a topic that we are covering in class. These projects try to capture students various learning modalities. Past projects have included posters, brochures, songs/raps, skits, videos, PowerPoint presentations, art work, quilts pieces, and other items. Students may work on these projects at home and/or in class.

Helpful websites and other resources  (See GPS for Parent's section)

*The teacher reserves the right to adjust the course work and/or differentiate instruction as needed to meet the needs of students and ensure academic success.