My 4th Grade Classroom Website

Welcome to the 4th grade!  I’m so happy you are in my class and I look forward to working with you and your family this year.  There are 3 really important things that will help us have a great year.  They are:

Good Attitude

Good Behavior

Strong Work Ethic

If we have these, then we are good to go.  If we don’t, it will hinder our learning and make school much more difficult for all of us.  Please make it a priority to keep high standards in these 3 important areas, and I will also.

Following are some classroom policies that you should be aware of.  Please read them and if you have any questions please feel free to call me, write me a note, or email me.

1.     Homework – Yes, we do have homework in 4th grade.  We do homework, HW, Monday through Thursday.  We only do homework on the weekend to make up any HW missed during the week.  Research suggests that an appropriate amount of homework for 4th grade is about 45-60 minutes per night. 

A.     Students will have class time each day to get a start on HW.  If they use it well, they shouldn’t have very much at home.  Look at the student’s Take Home Binder to see what they need to do at home. 

B.     There will usually be some reading and some math.

C.     If there is a night that a student can’t do his/her homework, then parents/guardians can write me a note and I will allow them to make it up on the weekend and he/she will not lose a ticket.  This will be allowed no more than once a week for a good reason.  HW not made up over the weekend will result in the loss of a ticket and a lower grade as noted in the Student Handbook.

D.    Students may ask you for help if they truly need it.  They may also call me, no later than 9:00 PM please, if they need help.  Once in a while students will have a family activity to do at home for HW.  These should reinforce what we are doing at school and be fun! 

E.     If your child is a reluctant reader may I suggest that you share reading with him or her.  You can start reading equal amounts: paragraph for a paragraph, then go on to page for a page, then he/she read 2 pages for you reading one.  Always the goal is to get your child to do more and more on his/her own.  Please communicate any concerns you have about this to me and we will problem solve this together. 

2.     Please sign your child’s Take Home Binder each night to indicate that you have seen what he/she has brought home.  This Binder shows any HW that needs to be done, any HW already completed at school (this will be initialed by the teacher), notes from me, weekly bulletins, and anything else important that needs to come to your attention.

3.     We will do only 3 show-n-tells per day, and each student may only do one per week.  No live animals are permitted by the Principal unless they have been examined by a veterinarian and have all their shots.  Then permission must be give by the principal.  They must be safe and connected to something we are currently learning or they may bring a newspaper current event to share.  The students will show their item during the subject it is related to and must explain the connection.  

4.  I maintain a classroom library.  Students will need signed permission from you to use this library.  If you give permission, you are responsible to make sure they take good care of the books, movies, and timers they use, and return them to me when done.  If they do not, then you will have to replace them.    

5.  We will follow the student handbook closely, especially in regard to the behavior system.  You will be communicated with when there are 2 or more infractions in a week.  If there are 3 or more in one week for a student, then he/she loses the fun activity for that week.