Enlightenment Test Study Guide

World History II
Mrs. Lorenzo
Scientific Revolution & The Enlightenment Test
Study Guide

Test format:
10 - Matching Questions
20 - Multiple Choice Questions
5 - Short Answer Questions

1 - Opinion Position Short Essay

 Joseph II                      Denis Diderot        Mozart, Beethoven & Hayden
Catherine the Great    Francis Bacon        Montesquieu
Locke                             Hobbes                    Beccaria
Voltaire                         Copernicus             Heliocentric Theory
Geocentric Theory      Newton                    Law of Universal Gravitation    
On The Spirit of Laws                                   Enlightened Despots
Philosophe                     neoclassic              salons

Main Ideas/Concepts
    *England was the model for other European nations during the Enlightenment because they had
    already embedded Enlightened Ideas within their government with their Bill of Rights and Glorious
    *The Enlightenment reached its height in France because of the philosophe.  They met in salons to
    discuss the new enlightened ideas.
    *Enlightenment’s enduring effects mainly were its influences on many future governments including
    the United States.  Ideas such as Montesquieu’s separation of powers and Locke’s life liberty and
    property are seen both in the United States Constitution and the  United States Declaration of