FM Study Guide Answers

Freemasons Study Guide Answers
1. What is a mason or freemason?? In history, a mason was a name given to those who worked with their hands.  Masons were known for their specific skills, i.e. stone masons.  A freemason is a member of the craft/organization of freemasons.  Today, freemasons represent both the historical aspects of stonemasonry and todays definitions of brotherhood and fraternity.

2. What is masonry? ?It is either as a person known for their skills (stonemason) or a member of the fraternity of the Freemasons.

3. What is a lodge??Where Freemasons hold meetings and induction ceremonies.

4. What goes on in a lodge?? Induction ceremonies, other ceremonies of the "craft" and meetings.

5. What is a degree??A level of hierarchy within the Freemasons.

6. Why is Masonry so secretive??It is unknown as to why it is so secretive.  It is speculated that perhaps they are so secretive because of their involvement with multiple conspiracies including the Illuminati or New World Order.

7. Is Masonry a religion??It is not a religion.  It is affiliated with religion because it is a requirement to becoming a freemason that one must have faith in a Supreme Being.

8. Washington D.C. is shaped like a PENTAGRAM allegedly because of the freemasons.

9. What are the three elements in the Mason symbol? What do they represent??Square, Compass and G.  Both the Square and Compass were a tools used by the stonemasons to create perfect angles.  It also reminds Masons that they should "square their actions" and learn to "circumscribe and keep us within due bounds toward all mankind".  The G represents mutliple things; God, Goodness and Geometry - All at which are in the center of their beliefs and values.


10. How does one become a Mason??"To be one, ask one"

11. What are some of things that take place in the mason induction ceremony??Inductee is blindfolded, mimic the murder of Hiram Abiff, prayer, and a masonic reading from bible.

12. What are some of the conspiracy theories that surround the Masons? Name and Explain 3 major theories.
Illuminati/New World Order is the biggest conspiracy theory of the freemasons that they are in charge of creating this organization that allegedly has world power/dominance.  This also ties into three of the other conspiracy theories in which we will discuss in class - Lincoln assassination, JFK assassination, and September 11, 2001 attacks.