JFK study guide answers

1. When was JFK president? 1961-1963
2. Where was JFK assassinated? Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX
3. Who allegedly killed JFK? Lee Harvey Oswald
4. When was JFK assassinated? November 22, 1963
5. Why was JFK in Dealey Plaza on that day? To promote funding for his campaign for the upcoming election
6. Where did the assassin allegedly shoot the president from? 6th floor Dallas School Book Depository
7. What happened to the alleged assassin? He was shot and killed
8. Who was responsible for what happened to the alleged assassin? Jack Ruby
9. Name and explain two conspiracy theories that surround this tragic event. Second gunman, LHO was a hired gun by CIA, Mob, etc., George H.W. Bush was involved with the plot to kill the president which also ties in the freemason/illuminati/skull&bones connection, Magic Bullet theory, several others
10. In your opinion, what do you think is the most reasonable explanation for this tragedy? No right or wrong here. Make sure you back up your argument with facts/opinions discussed in class through lecture and video.