Lincoln Conspiracy Study Guide Answers

Lincoln Conspiracy
Study Guide

When was Abe Lincoln President of the US?
    He was elected in 1860  and died in 1865

When was he shot?
        April 14, 1865

When did he die?
        April 15, 1865

        He died across from Ford’s Theater at Peterson House

Where was he shot? (physical location and place)
        He was shot in the head at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C.

Who shot him?
        John Wilkes Booth

What did he JWB allegedly cry out after the shooting? What happened to him?
        Sic Semper Tyrannis.  He jumped from President box and broke his lower leg.

Who were the other conspirators? What were their tasks?
    1. George Atzerodt was to kill VP Andrew Johnson
    2. Lewis “Paine” Powell was to kill Secretary of State William Seward
    3. David Herold would accompany Powell
    4. Michael O’Laughlen - part of original plan to kidnap the President
    5. John Suratt- part of original plan to kidnap the President (son of Mary Suratt)
    6. Mary Suratt was to “keep the nest that hatched the egg” - allow the men to conspire at her     boardinghouse.
    7. Edman “Ned” Spangler - helped Booth escape from Ford’s Theater

Who helped JWB after the assassination? (3 people)
    1. Dr. Mudd (set his broken leg)
    2. Herold (accompanied him)
    3. Mary Suratt (boardinghouse & tavern where he secured ammunition)
    4. Ned Spangler - helped him escape from theater

What happened to JWB co-conspirators?
        Atzerodt, Paine, Herold & Mary Suratt were hanged
        Mudd, Arnold, O’Laughlen, Spangler were tried & sentenced to time in jail.  They were later pardoned of their crimes.

Which ones were hanged? When?
        Atzerodt, Paine, Herold & Mary Suratt were hanged

 How long did it allegedly take to find JWB after Lincoln died?
        11 days

 Where did they allegedly find him and what happened to him?
        Garrett Farm near Port Royal, Virginia

What are some of the other conspiracy theories that surround this assassination?
        1. JWB was a hired gun by Andrew Johnson
        2. Confederate Plot to blow up white house & JWB wanted to beat them to the punch
        3. JWB was a hired gun by International Bankers
        4. Roman Catholic Church was involved in motivating JWB
        5. Secretary of War Edwin was behind it all
        6. Disaffected Northerners were involved because of cotton industry

 Why was the route of Abe’s funeral procession significant?
        It retraced his 1,654 mile route Lincoln traveled as President-Elect in 1861