Main Idea Question #9-18 Answers

9. recurring defeats in battle, death of soldiers, low troop morale, food shortages led to strikes and riots

10. its position on WWI led to discontent, and attacks by the Read Guards drove its leaders from power.

11. failure of the provisional government, growing power of the soviets; Treaty of Brest-Litovsk angered Russians; Bolsheviks tried to wipe out all enemies - Bolsheviks won

12. dictatorship, one-party rule; dynamie leader; rigid ideology; state control; dependence on modern technology; violence; enforcement through censorship and persecution.

13. freedom of relgion, speech, press, and expression, choice of job and home, artistic freedom

14. removed his enemy; police terror, propaganda, indoctrination; control of economy

15. Mao promoted land reform and beter treatment for the peasants; Nationalists had done little for peasants.

16. to save the Communists who were being pursued by Nationlist forces

17. boycotts; strikes; refusual to pay British taxes, vote or attend British schools; marches, demonstrations

18. set up leagal system, rights extended to women, purred economic growth by industrializing