Napoleon Study Guide

Study Guide

10 Matching (2 points each)
30 Multiple Choices (2 points each)
5 FRQ (4 points each)

Napoleon           plebiscite                       lycees
Directory            Horatio Nelson            consuls
Pope Pius VII    Notre Dame Cathedral        emperor
Saint Domingue        Toussaint L’Overture        Louisiana Territory
Battle of Austerlitz        Proclamation            Napoleonic Code
concordat            Battle of Trafalgar        puppet ruler
Josephine            Marie Louise            Napoleon II
coup d’etat            emperor            republic
nationalism            heroism            blockade
guerrilla            Hundred Days            Peninsular War
scorched-earth policy        King Louis XVIII        Battle of Waterloo
Continental System        Elba                Czar Alexander I
War of 1812            Joseph                Battle of Borodino
Grand Army            retreat from Moscow        allied army
King Fredrick William III    Louis XVIII            Duke of Wellington
St. Helena

Main Ideas/Concepts:
Why do you think Napoleon became as popular as he did?
What aspect of Napoleon’s character or personality do you think was most responsible for the collapse of his empire? Explain.
In your opinion, was Napoleon a Revolutionary or a Tyrant? Why? Explain by giving at least one fact/example.
Why is the Napoleonic Code good and bad? Explain. Give one example for each.
What were the two major results of the battle of Trafalgar?
 Did Napoleon have no choice but to invade Russia? Why or Why not?