WHII Final Essay

Essay Preparation for Final Exam:
Each of you will be asked to write one essay for your Final exam.  The essay should be five paragraphs in length with a defendable thesis.  You will be allowed to use your prepared outlines for this portion of the exam.  You will not have a choice of which essay you will answer*.  Please prepare an outline for the following essay questions.

Outline Requirements:
Hand written or typed on ONE 8.5x11 paper (you may use front and back)
No complete sentences except for thesis statement
Must be passed in with exam on exam day

*If you have an IEP or are a CP2 student, you may choose which essay you will answer on your exam. Therefore you will only need to outline ONE essay.

Choice #1 : The twentieth century is known as the deadliest century in history.  It includes two major World Wars.  What are at least three common causes of these two conflicts?  In each body paragraph, describe the cause and provide examples from each conflict to prove that it did, in fact, lead to both global conflicts.  In your conclusion, please state which of these causes you believe to have had the greatest influence.  

Choice #2: The study of history would not be complete without the study of ideas.  Ideas are extremely important to the development of society.  How are ideas influenced by events (and events influenced by ideas)?  Give three examples of ideas in history.  Explain what they mean, and how they relate to specific world events.  Finally, which idea of the three has had the greatest impact? Examples you may use include: nationalism, communism, fascism, capitalism, laissez-faire, Social Darwinism, militarism, et cetera.