WHII Research Paper Checklist

World History II
Research Paper

_____    I have printed out a hard copy of my paper

_____My Paper is in MLA Format
        _____Times New Roman
        _____12 Point Font
        _____double spaced
        _____1 inch Margins
        _____Parenthetical Citations(at least one per body paragraph)
        _____Works Cited Page
        _____header on top right- with just my last name and the page number
        _____cover page (Title of Paper, my name, due date, course and teacher’s name)
        _____stapled top left corner in order (top to bottom - final copy, works cited, website
            evaluation sheet(s), outline, peer edit worksheets)

_____     My paper is 3 - 5 pages in length (not including the works cited page)

_____     I have a works cited page

_____     I have used the MINIMUM of FOUR different TYPES of sources (non-reference book, reference
    book, data base, and a website)

_____ ALL MY CITATIONS on my works cited page are cited IN THE TEXT OF THE PAPER!

_____     My parenthetical citations are properly formatted (citation). - period after citation

_____    I verified the format of my parenthetical citations on noodletools (“In Text Reference” link)

_____     I have a website evaluation sheet for my website source for the websites not from recommended
    website list.

_____     I have submitted my paper to TURNITIN.COM by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 17, 2013

_____    I have stapled my paper together on the top left corner in order top to bottom
        _____    this checklist (on top)
        ____    Cover Page (under checklist)
        ____    final copy of paper (under cover page)
        ____    works cited (under final copy of paper)
        ____    *website evaluation form(s) (under works cited page)
        ____    peer edit worksheets (under *web evalulation forms OR works cited)
        ____    rubric (on bottom)

*may not need website evaluation form