WHII Term Paper

World History II
Research Paper

    *Works Cited Due: Thursday 2/13
Works Cited Requirements:
    1. Four Sources: at least one of each category Internet, Database, non-reference book (Check out the Pathfinders to help)
    2. Create a works cited page using Noodletools
            *don’t have a noodletools account?
            *sign up for one (see Mrs. Lorenzo for handout)
    3. print out hard copy & pass in ON due date

    *Outline Due: Friday 2/28

Outline Requirements:
    1. Thesis statement - Take a position. Underline it!
    2. Outline to organize your thoughts for your paper
FAQ’s & Answers:
    Questions:    1. How do I create an outline?
                            2. What should my outline look like?
    Answer:         See example below
                            Use the OWL website to help: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/544/01/    
Thesis:  President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by multiple assassins from multiple locations and these shooters manifested themselves in the physics of the assassination, the abilities of Lee Harvey Oswald, and in the government concealment of relevant materials and documents from the public.
I. Intro
    A. Background
        1) JFK was born on May 29 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts.
        2) “Jack” went to Princeton and later Harvard.
        4) Entered the military in 1941 and severed in the navy during WWII
    B. JFK as president
        1) “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”
        2) Became President in 1961
            a. The youngest man ever to be elected President
            b. First Roman Catholic ever elected in to office.
        3) President Kennedy shot and killed Nov.22 1963 in Dallas, TX.
Major Conspiracy Theory
    A. Second Gunman on the Grassy Knoll
        1. People believe that JFK was shot from the front right (aka grassy knoll)
        2. LHO did not act alone and took the hit
Position- Agree with the conspiracy theory
    A. physics
        a. back and to the left
        b. brain matter on back of the car
    B. LHO abilities
        a. only a marksmen in military (lowest)
        b. 3 shots? 11 seconds? magic bullet? where’s the 3rd bullet?
IV. Counter Arguments Flaws
    A. Concealment of relevant materials
        1. Zapruder Film and its errors
    B. Concealment of relevant documents
        1.  Original Autopsy Reports vs. Warren Commission    
V. Conclusion

    *Rough Draft of the Paper: Thursday 3/6
        we will peer edit papers.  See requirements below of paper

*Hard Copy of  the Paper: Friday 3/21

Paper Requirements:
    1. Coverpage - Title, your name, date, etc.
    2. 3-5 pages in length (not including work cited page) in MLA format with 12 pt font, Times
    New Roman, 1 inch margins, double spaced
    3. Introduction/Conclusion paragraphs with thesis at the end.
    4. Body paragraphs that flow nicely into one another to give supporting information to our thesis.
    5. Submitted to Turnitin.com. Papers not submitted to turnitin will not be graded!!
    6. Works Cited Page (noodle tools) - using a MINIMUM of FOUR sources (no wikipedia, about or any other source like that.)
    7. Paper should include parenthetical citations that are cited in your works cited page
    8. Hard Copy MUST be turned into to Mrs. Lorenzo ON DUE DATE… if you are absent on due date, I expect an
    electronic copy via email (LLorenzo@westfordk12.us) and a hard copy upon your return.

Library Time & Due Dates (may change)

Day                    Date            Are we in the Library?        Assignment due    
Thursday             Jan 30              yes
Thursday         Feb 13            yes                                 Works Cited
Friday               Feb 28           yes                                 Outline
Thursday          March 6        no                                 Rough Draft
Tuesday                March 11         yes            
Friday               March 21        no                                 Paper Due

Paper Checklist        My Paper  is DUE: Friday 3/21

_____     My paper is in MLA format (Times New Roman, 12 Point Font, Double-Spaced, Header on top right with my last name and page number)
_____    I have parenthetical citations in my paper
_____    I have a works cited page
_____    my paper is 3-5 pages in length (no including the works cited or title pages)
_____    I have submitted my paper to TURNITIN.COM before 1:55pm on due date.
_____    If I am absent/no school on due date, I have emailed a copy to Mrs. Lorenzo by 1:55pm (LLorenzo@westfordk12.us)
To Mrs. Lorenzo:
_____      I have printed out a copy of my paper & handed it to Mrs. Lorenzo