classroom Management


Dear Parents/Guardians~                             

In order to keep you updated on your child’s behavior in class, I will be sending home a “color chart” each week. Hanging on a door in the class is “How you Doin?” with various color squares. Each student’s name is located inside the colored squares. The students start on “Green” at the beginning of the day and may move up or down based on their behavior throughout the day. The cards are changed to gold, blue or purple for things like completing work efficiently and effectively, doing as asked on the first request, helping each other without asking, and going above and beyond the teacher’s expectations. Color squares are changed to yellow, orange or red if student does not follow directions despite numerous requests, refuses to complete work, is aggressive with others, or uses inappropriate language in classetc...  The chart is fluid, meaning students may make up for poor choices and be moved up later in the day.  Rewards are given based on which color the student completes days when positive choices are made.  Consequences are issued for negative choices.  Below is a record of your child’s behavior color for each day of the week and an explanation of what each color represents.  Please sign and return in the Jewett Folder so that I know communication is open between parents and myself. 

   Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday


GOLD: Fabulous!  $50 Miller buck.

Blue: Awesome! $20 Miller buck.

Purple: Good Job! $10 Miller Buck.

Green: School is Cool! This is where the student begins the day.

Yellow: Yellow after 2 requests student is on “Caution.”

Orange: bummer! Student loses privilege i.e. recess or library time etc...

Red: Poor choice! Student is sent to principal and parents are called. Privileges are lost.  

Please sign and return 

X ___________________________


Your child will be saving “Miller Bucks” for classroom auctions!Auctions will be held in December, March and June.

Students will be able to purchase small items, lunch from their favorite fast food restaurant with a friend, Dutch Bros. with a friend, etc…