Policies for Miller parents

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The First Day

School begins at 7:55am. Please have your child here at school between 7:40 and 7:55 to avoid being tardy. Students must wait quietly outside the classroom until that time and will be greeted promptly when school has begun.The first day of school will be exciting and scary for your child. There may even be some tears. I promise that your child is in good hands and that I have an extraordinary day (and year!) planned ahead. Please come in and say your goodbyes. The quicker this is, the easier it will be for all of us. Thank you!

Daily Communication/Home Folder

I will be communicating with you daily about your child’s day through the home folder. The school has purchased these folders for you but if your child loses it during the year, you will need to buy a replacement.
In the folder will be a weekly behavior chart (sent home on Fridays or Mondays), papers, and school notes. The behavior chart will be color code with specific colors. The week must be initialed by you and returned the following day. Your child is responsible for returning this folder daily. Please follow through at home for any unacceptable behaviors that occur during the school day – this will help your child be more successful in school and make our days more pleasant. I appreciate your help!


Please make sure your child knows which mode of transportation he or she is taking to go home. For your child’s safety, a written notice is necessary for any changes in transportation.


Behavior is one of the most important elements of the school day. If behavior is out of control, then learning is not possible. I use a color chart method in my classroom. The steps are as follows:
GOLD: Fabulous!  $50 Miller buck.
Blue: Awesome! $20 Miller buck.Purple: Good Job! $10 Miller Buck.Green: School is Cool! This is where the student begins the day.Yellow: Yellow after 2 requests student is on “Caution.”Orange: bummer! Student loses privilege i.e. recess or library time etc...Red: Poor choice! Student is sent to principal and parents are called. Privileges are lost.I don’t believe in a child’s day being “over” because of poor choices so I allow students to move up and down during the day. For example, if a student made very poor choices in the morning, but had worked hard and tried his or her best for the afternoon, they can “redeem” themselves from their poor choices and  end the day with some “Miller bucks.”  At the end of each week, a progress report will go home to you and a copy should be signed and returned to school.

 Lunch Money

All lunch money needs to be sent in an envelope with the student’s name and teacher’s name. Please do not send money without an envelope. School lunch is $1.75 per day (Adult 2.75) Milk is $.50 Lunches may be purchased daily, weekly or monthly.  Money is collected daily in the office from 7:30-8:00 a.m.  Checks should be made payable to Jewett Cafeteria. 

FREE & REDUCED RATES:  Special lunch rates are available to children in need.  Parents may request a “free and reduced” meal form from the school office.   This confidential form will be reviewed and parents will be notified of qualification for the program. 

  • Don’f forget to check the district6.orgwebsite to make online meal payments for your child’s lunch. 

Please send in snacks for 30+ students. The snack should be as healthy as possible and be enough for the class to share (a box of cereal, crackers, sliced fruit, etc.). If it is more convenient for you, you can send in a snack ahead of time. Please do not send in cookies or sweets. Please also be aware of the county school board policy that any food served in the classroom must be packaged and store bought and can no longer be “homemade”.


The purpose of any homework sent home will be to reinforce concepts already taught in the classroom. Homework will be sent home on the first day of the week and should be returned by Tuesday. During short weeks or before special events, your child may not have homework.

I love to celebrate and I know how important birthday’s are to young children. We will celebrate your child’s birthday with a crown and a card. You are more than welcome to contact me ahead of time to set up a time to bring in store brought treats for your child.

Classroom parties are held four times a year, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the end of the year! If you are interested in helping with any of these parties please contact me.

If you are interested in volunteering, I would love to have your help! Please fill out our “Volunteer Form” with the days and times you are available and what kind of jobs you would like to do (preparing activities, making copies, working in small groups, etc.). Using volunteers in the classroom requires teacher time and preparation.. Please remember that you must be registered at the front office in order to volunteer in the classroom! Volunteers will be scheduled with a time that is helpful to the teacher and students. I am able to use your help so much better when I know when you are coming and have a task prepared for you. If you are scheduled to volunteer on a certain day or time and are not able to come, please let me know, as this will save me the preparation time.