Homework Project-Due April 11

Homework Project – Theme 13

1st Grade – Western Brown


DUE DATE: _____April 11_____________________________


Theme 1 Overview:

  • Title – RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Why is it important to be fair to one another?
  • Vocabulary words – equal, talent, believe, individual, agreement, rights
  • Phonics – r-controlled vowels and words with -y
  • Phonemic Awareness – phoneme segmentation and isolation
  • Grammar – describing words (adjectives)


This theme discusses how we should treat each other, how everyone is different and has special talents, and how we should respect rules.  For the homework assignment, you will need to complete the attached photo album entitled, “My Family is Special”.  On each page in the photo album, choose a member in your family or extended family and draw a picture of that person or attach a photograph.  Under the picture write a sentence about what makes that person special.  Please add lots of detail to your illustrations and be specific when writing your sentences.  Tell exactly what makes that person special.  If you draw pictures, please color them.

PARENTS: Be sure to talk with your child as you work together on the photo album about the members of his/her family.  Also, use as many of your child’s vocabulary words as you can in daily conversation.  Finally, when your child says he/she is finished with his/her album, encourage him/her to add more detail.  I am looking for illustrations that are complete and not just a stick figure with a blank background.  Also, help your child write detailed sentences, not just “Mom is special because I love her”.  “Mom is special because she always makes me feel better when I am sick” gives much more detail.

* Feel free to help your child with this activity.  The final product should be your child’s work, but I encourage your involvement throughout the process.  It is fine to jump in and help them here and there.  They will learn so much from you! So, work together and HAVE FUN!

If you have any questions, please let me know.