Teacher Profile

         Hello my name is Lourdes Gomez I have 40 years and I am happily married and I have a lovely daughter of 20 years which studies at FIU I graduated Bachelor in Special Education at Miami Dade College School of Education in the year 2009, and started teaching   in Miami Dade County  Publics School in August of the year . From my first days in class I could see once again that I had made right choice to be a teacher. From this day to present my passion has been the children, for this, every day for me is like the first one that makes me very happy. As a teacher the most important thing that most makes me happy is knowing that my students have learned something new and greater pride I can see their faces of satisfaction

          Someone once said:

·         Teaching demands respect for the knowledge of learners

·          Teaching requires the embodiment of words for example

·         Teaching demands respect for the autonomy of the learner

·         Teaching requires safety, skill and generosity

·         Teaching requires listening

My E-mail is: Lourdesgmz@hotmail.com