Equitable Digital Access our Classroom



Equatable digital access allows avalability to technology for all students no matter economic status. 



Ensuring Digital Access in Classrooms 

Technology is crucial in the classroom setting. It is an important part of learning and a tool to enhance learners of all diversities. The use of technology is on the rise in the school systems. With some parents being low income, this can be a struggle to afford technology at home. With prolems such as this, it is crucial to make sure equitable digital access is available in the classroom and used properly.  


Video: Blending Technology in Classrooms



Access to Technology for all Students

With the rise of technological use, it is important for all classrooms to have access to technology. 


Ideas for technology accessablity 

  • Utalize all available computers, laptops, ipads, etc in the classroom
  • BYOB (Bring you own device ) - Allowing students to bring their own device from home
  • Ask for donations from local buisnesses 



Video: Technology in Classrooms



Ensuring Access to Technology  for Each Individual Student 

It is importat for each individual student to have technology time in the classroom daily.


Examples on incoportating technological use

  • Time can be divided up with each individual student throughout the day
  • Making a scheduled time for each students using the classroom's computers, laptops, ipad, etc  
  • Utalize use of computers labs (if school has access to one) 






Video: Computer Time for Kids