Classroom Behavior Plan



Classroom Behavior Plan

  • I will write up and include student input when creating a behavior plan.

  • I will put the classroom guidelines on a poster.

  • I will explain each part of the guidelines to students, and teach them how it works.

  • I will print out copies for each student, as well as for parents and guardians.

  • I will go over the hierarchy of consequences.

  • I will explain the severe clause and reasons for it.

  • I will also check for understanding by asking students, “What questions do you have?”


Parents and Guardians,

I will recognize students’ appropriate behavior by sending a note home, calling home, and giving students special privileges. Students will receive a bonus buck for being on task. I will have a treasure chest in the classroom filled with prizes and if students have a certain amount of bonus bucks, they will be able to choose a prize out of the treasure chest. For instance, if students have 10 bonus bucks, they will be able to buy an eraser or pencil.