In's & Out's of Mrs. Squiers' Classroom

Welcome To  Mrs. Squiers' Class  


I try to send a newsletter home on Fridays to keep you posted on what we did during the week and update you on any upcoming events or information.  I will send paper copies home with your child if I am not provided an e-mail address for your family, but will email the newsletters to families who have email access.  I will also post the newsletter on our looping website ( 


We are on a six-day rotation cycle for our specials (Music, P.E., Library, Technology, Art, Guidance, Technology) and the calendar will tell you when we have each special so you know when to send library books back to school and when to have your child wear tennis shoes for P.E.  It will also tell you the special events for the month and when Scholastic Book Orders are due.  To help with printing costs at school, I will not be sending home a calendar each month, but I recommend that you print one from our looping website (  We will continue to add events and reminders each month so I would only print the current month.   

Extra Clothes

Please send an extra set of clothes for your child to keep in their backpack in case of accidents or lunch spills. 

P.E. Shoes

The children do not need to change their shoes for P.E. if they wear tennis shoes to school on P.E. days. You are more than welcome to have your child keep a pair of shoes at school for days when they wear sandals or boots.  If you do not keep a pair of shoes at school, please remember to have your child wear tennis shoes on P.E. days.  This is important for safety reasons and it helps Mr. Stoulil, the P.E. teacher. 


Snack time is a great time to practice good social skills and table manners.  Research also shows that students perform better if snack is provided during the day.  Since we eat lunch early this year, we will have a snack in the afternoon.  I will send home a snack coupon with your child when the snack cupboard is getting low.  When you get the coupon please send a healthy snack with the snack coupon attached for the whole class (22 students) soon.  Then I will put your child’s snack in the cupboard and use it when needed.  If you send more than we need, I just keep the leftovers and use them on “buffet day” (one of our favorites).  Snacks can be store purchased or pre-packaged.  If it is fresh (such as fruit) I will use that snack the day it comes to school or the next day.  Please see the “Healthy Snack” note from our school nurse, Leigh VanderHolt, because we focus on eating healthy snacks and if you send something that is unhealthy like Ho-Hos, Oreo Cookies, and Little Debbie snacks, they will be sent home and you will need to provide a different snack.  Some good examples of snacks are crackers, string cheese, animal crackers without frosting, cut up fruit, etc.  You are allowed to bring a special snack, store bought or pre-packaged, for your child’s birthday and it will be served as the snack that day. 

FOOD ALLERGY:  We do have a teacher who may be in our room from time to time who has a severe allergy to cinnamon.  It would be helpful if you try to stay away from snacks that have the allergy warning about cinnamon or if you are planning to bake a snack, please be aware of this ingredient.  Thanks so much! 


We love celebrating birthdays!  Feel free to send pre-packaged treats on or near the day of your child’s birthday.  If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate their half birthday.  I know that children at this age are excited about having birthday parties and that is great, but I discourage your child to talk about them at school.  According to the Elementary Student Handbook, “drinks, party favors, pizza, balloons or flowers are deemed unnecessary and are often disruptive.  Pre-cut or individual servings are appreciated.  Party invitations are not to be distributed in class.  This can be a problem if all are not invited.  We also cannot ensure delivery.” 


Please label everything that comes to school, including bags, lunch boxes, shoes, winter attire, etc.  It is very helpful when things are marked with your child’s name!  You do not have to label your child’s school supplies because we share them with the whole class. 

Take Home Folders

Your child will bring home school work and other important papers in their Take Home Folder, which is the purple plastic folder that is provided for them.  Please send any notes, lunch/milk money, book orders, etc. in your child’s folder.  As one of their morning jobs, the children are to check their folders and put any notes for me in my mailbox.  I will not be checking each child’s folder so it would be helpful to tell your child when there is something in their folder for me.  Please check your child’s folder each night for their work and any notes from me. 

Changing Classrooms

We have found it to be successful to share the teaching of Science, Social Studies, and Writing with other teachers within our grade level.  Your child will be able to experience other classrooms and teachers while still learning the required curriculum.   


I will try to check my e-mail at least twice a day, so please feel free to e-mail me at anytime.  Please do not e-mail changes for after school routines. If there is a change in your child’s after-school routine, please call the school and talk with the secretary so they can tell me or the sub right away.  If you need to contact me by phone or in person, please do this before school (7:30 – 8:00) or after school (3:00 – 3:30).  Tardy time for students is 8:15 and from 8:00 – 8:15 is my time to greet the children and make sure they are doing their morning jobs appropriately.  Please realize that this time is set aside for me to help the students begin the school day so I will not be available to answer questions.  You are more than welcome to stop in before 8:00, e-mail me, or leave me a voice mail and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Wish List

I will put a wish list of items that we need for the classroom in my newsletter each week.  Please do not feel like you have to donate anything.  Thanks in advance for everything you do contribute!  It is greatly appreciated! 

Box Tops

Our class collects General Mills Box Tops.  Please save the box tops and send them to school with your child so he/she can put them in our container.

Book Orders

I will send home Scholastic Book Orders throughout the school year.  Please do not feel obligated to order.  If you would like to order any items you can order in two different ways.   You can either complete the order form (including your child’s name on each form), and return it to school, along with a check made out to Scholastic, as they will not accept cash or you can order online using a credit card.  Information about how to order online will come with the first book order that I send home.  Check the calendar to find out when the book orders are due, usually the first Friday of the month.

Visitors & Volunteers

We enjoy having visitors in our classroom, so if you, or another special person would like to spend time in our room, please come!  The students love listening to books read aloud, working with new people, and eating lunch together!  If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please let me know when you are coming in advance so I can have things prepared for you to do.  If you are visiting or volunteering, please make it a special day for you and your child, and make other arrangements for siblings.  If you are just coming for lunch, siblings are more than welcome to join you.  Also, let me know if you want a hot school lunch ordered by 8:00 so I can have the nutrition department make an extra lunch that day.  When you come to school to visit, volunteer, or pick your child up early, you must sign in at the office and wear a visitor’s badge.

After-School Pick-up

When all the bus and Apple Tree Adventures children have been dismissed, I will be walking the children who get picked up out the doors of the K-1 lobby (door 2).  Please wait for your child outside the doors since it causes a lot of crowding when there are parents waiting in the hallways.  The best way to pick up your child is to stay in the line of vehicles and when we see you I will let your child walk to your vehicle.  Unless you are in a designated parking space, Dr. Sivadge would appreciate it if you do not leave your vehicle unattended.  However, when you are parked across the parking lot in a designated spot, you will need to leave your vehicle to meet your child to cross the street safely.  If you need to go into the classroom after you have met your child outside, please make sure you park your vehicle in a designated spot and then enter the building with your child.  FYI – We have been warned that the fire marshal may be ticketing those not following the policy with a $100 fine.  Thank you for your cooperation! 

Ways to Contact Me

You can call the school at 981-1005, extension 1027, before 8:00 or after 3:00.  From 8:00 to 3:00 and after hours you can leave a message on my voicemail and I will return your call as soon as possible.  You can also e-mail me anytime at  Please do not email or leave a voicemail about changes in after-school routines since I cannot guarantee that I will read my email or check my voicemail before school is out.  For bus dismissal changes, you MUST contact John Stoner (981-0016) at the bus barn.  Non-bus dismissals, contact one of our secretaries by phone. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your child’s learning, please share them with me.  It is important for us to work together towards your child’s education and I look forward to working with you! 

Thank you,

Mrs. Squiers