Philosophy of ED


Interest Inventory


One of my favorite hobbies is shopping/collecting. I love shopping for stylish clothes for myself, family, and friends Everyone tells me that I have an art for fashion. Strangers often approach me in clothing stores to ask my opinion of how the merchandise looks on them. After I help the customer coordinate an outfit, I help them shop for assesories. I really doing this. I also enjoy collecting jewerly and antiques. I love old jewerly, costume,  gold and silver. I also have a passion fro antique glassware, furniture and pictures.



I believe if you can dream it, you can achieve it. The sky is the limit. I also believe that all children regardless of limitations or disabilities should have the ample opportunity to learn and they should be provided with all of the necessary tools to learn. Learning is for all......


Writing: Learning mechanics, grammar and how to write a focus story.

Reading : Read and retell familiar stories. Reading level 5-6 or higher. Students are expected to leave first grade on 16 reading level. All students develop at different rates.

Math: Patterns, geometry, addtion, subtraction and fractions, concepts of daily problem solving. Count by 2's 5's and 10's to one hundred, count backwards from any given point from 100.