Language Arts

Language Arts: Reading Street

April 4-8: Homework Pages 127-132

              1- Sing Along Concept

             2- Think About It: Thinking across texts

             3- Let's Learn It: Listening and Speaking

             4- UNIT ASSESSMENT

April 11-15: Homework Pages 134-139

             1- New Vocabulary, Let's Talk About It, Jobs

             2- High Frequencey Words: She, Take, What, Up. "I Can Read"

             3- Genre Study, Preview Reading, Prediction. Handwriting Practice

             4- Subjects/Nouns. Reading the Story "Pig in a Wig"

April 18-22: Homework Pages 141-146

             1- Reread story. Characters. Setting. Higher Order Thinking.

             2- Paired Reading. Review short "i" and high frequency words.

             3- Think Critically Questions 1-5. Story Re-Rell. Meet the author.

             4- Practice writing a story. Review nouns/subjects.

April 25-29: Homework Pages 147-152

           1- We Are Vets- Song. Review sing alongs.

            2- Think About It: Think Across Texts 

            3- Let's Learn It: Listening and Speaking

            4- UNIT ASSESSMENT