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My Classroom Website


 Students in our classroom:

Alyvia D.
Cora D.
Sophia F.
Cora G.
Parker G.
Pippa P.
Kailyn S.
Nichole S.
Raelynn S.
Sylvia W.

Logan B.
Elisha B.
Brody C.
Cole G.
Carson L.
Grant O.
Riley S.
Briar Y.

* I hope your child can make it to Open House on Monday Aug. 14th anywhere between 6:00-7:30 pm.  I have a treasure hunt planned!  Your child will get to meet the teacher, see the classroom, find their desk and get to look around school! Please BRING CLASSROOM SUPPLIES this evening. Parents, you will be able to SIGN UP for important things at this meeting!!  The rest of the Elementary will have Open House at this time, too!

Please make sure to be timely for your child's scheduled appointment on either Aug. 16th, 17th Or 18th. If you haven't scheduled this appointment time, please see the school website or the direct link at

Kindergarten Students will start school on Aug. 21st


Our classroom aide from 8AM-12PM is Deb Cowling.

Get 2 Months for $5!