Homework (ZAP info included)

Students--check your planner daily, complete the given assignment and turn it in when it is due. Parents--check your child's planner daily, check to see if the work is attempted and complete.       Mrs. Seeger--will initial daily what the homework is

HOMEWORK is to be completed daily. Check the current unit we are working on for class information! Homework is subject to change.

ZAP letter (new 1/31/11)--

Dear Central Middle School families,


Beginning February 2nd, we will implement a new program at Central Middle School. Zeros Aren’t Permitted, or, “ZAP,” will be put in place to help eliminate the practice of students receiving zeros for missed work.


ZAP will be held during lunch, Monday through Friday.


Your child will be given a ZAP card during the period in which work was not completed, letting them know they must attend. They will leave third block two minutes before the first lunch-bell and report to the cafeteria to get their lunch plate. They will then have until two minutes after the second lunch-bell to report to the ZAP room, to work while they eat.


They will receive an automatic after-school clinic if they skip ZAP. There will also be consequences for repeat-offenders. They will not be allowed to talk, sleep, or conduct themselves in any manner not fitting with school rules. If they complete their work before lunch has ended, they will NOT be allowed to join their classmates outside. They may use the extra time to look over their assignment, and check for errors.

 ZAP will allow:

-your child to make-up work, and receive a percentage of the points possible, depending  upon completion and accuracy of assigned work in ZAP

-a student to earn as much as 100% on a test

-a quiet environment with direct supervision  

 Here are reasons your child may be placed in the ZAP group:

-showing up with assigned homework not completed

-making the poor decision of not doing assigned work during class

-a student may also be “zapped” if they miss a test and need to make it up


Our goal in the implementation of this program is to create an understanding among students that work must be completed. Our hope is that students realize it is much better to show up prepared, with assigned work completed, and work hard in class, than it is to sit in silence during lunch, and miss time outside with classmates.


Thank you,


Central Middle Teachers