Continental Drift

Continental Drift


Purpose:  The purpose of this activity is to examine pieces of evidence for the Pangaea theory and use them to reconstruct the super continent.


  1. Divided into groups of 2. 
  2. Label each continent. 
  3. Cut out the continents. 
  4. Try to reunite the Pangaea puzzle pieces based on the clues. 
  5. Glue your finished Pangaea puzzle in place on a sheet of paper.


 1.  There are some very prolific diamond mines in South Africa. What do you suppose the chances are that one could find diamonds in South America?  Why? 

2.  The coal deposits mined in Pennsylvania were formed from plants that grow in tropical climates. What does this suggest about where Pennsylvania was once located?

3.  The fit between Africa and South America along their coastlines is not exact. How might the fit be better? 

4. The cut you made along the northern edge of India is where the Himalayan Mountains are located.  How do you think those mountains were formed? 

5.  How would you evaluate the evidence in terms of your fit: Where was the evidence good and where was it bad? 

6.  Does the evidence suffice, in your opinion, to support the theory of Continental Drift? Explain your answer.