Physical Science Syllabus

Mr. L. Simons

305-947-1451 X 2262

Science Curriculum Synopsis:

John F. Kennedy Middle School’s Physical Science Program is a challenging science curriculum that incorporates Middle School grade science levels (6th - 8th) concepts.  This class supports hands-on investigative activities / inquiries that emphasize scientific methodology, science process skills and reinforces required mathematical skills for data collection/modeling/analysis.



















































Student Expectations

1.      Come to class/lab prepared with all needed school supplies including: pencils/pens, paper, notebook, composition books, calculator, graph paper, etc.

2.      Turn in all assigned work when due. Unexcused late work will be discounted a letter grade per day for a maximum of 3 days from due date.  After the third day, the unexcused late work will get a maximum of a 50%.

3.      All turned in work must be neat/legible and in prescribed format for maximum credit.

4.      Participate during class discussions, labs, and Q&A's.

5.      Safety is paramount in class/lab/field. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.



Students are individually evaluated on performance/mastery of class material- lecture, textbook assignments, labs, etc. Evaluations include but are not limited to the following: Homework, Quiz, Classwork, Laboratories, Tests, and Projects.


Grading errors

If a grading mistake is found or alleged, the protesting student MUST return the graded paper back to the teacher with the question number(s) circled and a written explanation, on a separate sheet of paper, as to why the student's original answer(s) is/are correct. The teacher will review the submitted petition and return a written response to the student within one week. The teacher reserves the right to re-grade the entire paper submitted.

Make-up work

As per Miami Dade County Public School Policy, a student that has an excused absence from school/class can make-up missed class work. The student has one day per excused absence day to make up the work. Make-up work not turned in on time will get a zero for a grade.


Class rules

Science and science experimentation can be both fun and demanding. Whether we are learning from lecture or from hands-on activities, the science class room/lab is never the place for inappropriate behavior to be exhibited that may directly or indirectly affect the learning environment, health and or safety of all concern. Therefore,

1.      Conduct yourself as “Gentlemen” and “Ladies” at all times.

2.      Do no harm to yourself, others or property.

3.      Come to all labs academically prepared.

4.      If you are not sure, or just ' THINK ' YOU KNOW, what/how to do, ask first!

5.      Report any unsafe equipment/situations /activity to the teacher immediately.


Inappropriate behavior (depending on the nature, severity, or frequency of the infraction) may result in one or more of the following actions by the teacher:

1.      Verbal/Visual warning

2.      One-on-one conference with student on behavior issues

3.      Phone call to parents concerning student's behavior issues

4.      Face to face conference with parent(s) and student on behavior issues

5.      Referred to administration for further consequences