Our Week at a Glance

 Writing:  The students are doing a great job during out daily handwriting time. They are writing on dryerase borads and also in their handwriting books. 

 Reading: We are beginning a new story called "Dig Dig Digging" this week. We will be taking a look at the components that make up a book. (Title, Author, Illustrator, Cover). We are now up to six sight words that we are working on: 

                                                         I      am      the      little      to      a

  Math: This week we will begin working with patterns. We will begin with sound and movement patterns and then move into color and shape patterns. We will be doing a lot of hands-on pattern making with manipulatives. 

Science: We will be taking a look at how objects move. We will discuss push, pull, fly, spin and roll. We will be doing experiments to test how a variety of objects will move. 

Social Studies: During our reading lessons we often use a chart of vocabulary words, CD of songs and poems and library books to emphasize what we are talking about that week. We are going to discuss why we do that so the students understand that we do it to reiterate what we are talking about.