I feel bad when I have to leave my child, does he/she cry all day? Preschool is a new experience for many children. This is a transition period where they developing trust with new people. Once we find an item of activity that interest your child, the crying becomes minimal. Please do not be alarmed, this is normal and will disappear shortly after school has started. 

Why does my child need a change of clothes, he/she is potty trained? Two(2) complete changes of clothes are mandated by state of North Carolina as a requirement for all students enrolled in a preschool program. A complete set consist of undergarments, socks, shirt, pants or skirts. This also helps aleviate teachers calling parents to bring a change of clothes is an accident occurs.

Why do you recommend sending my child in certain clothing items? Preschool is a time for children to explore and experiment in thier environment. We recommend children wear items that you don't mind getting dirty because this is what is expected in their classroom. We use paint, experiment with water and nature items(dirty, clay, sand). This exploration is needed to help your child develop and grow.

Can my child wear his/her sandals to school? We recommend closed-toe shoes. This is a safety precaution. Closed toe shoes also help in the physical development of children.

Am I allowed to volunteer in the classroom? Yes, every parents is encouraged to volunteer in the classroom. We ask that you wait 2-4 weeks before volunteering. This allows the students to get acquainted with thier new environment.