Geometry Honors

Welcome to Geometry Honors!!!


This is the website which I will update weekly to keep you informed about homework, tests, quizzes, and anything else you may need to know for class.

**Note: These plans are tentative and subject to change based upon class performance and comprehension of material.


Students are required to have the following supplies; all items MUST be brought to class daily.

1. Textbook (covered)

2. One 1 ½” or 2”—3 ring binder with loose leaf notebook paper.

3. 2 pencils, mechanical are preferred

4. Red pen

5. Scientific or Graphing Calculator—must have square root, sin, cos, and tan)

6. Single subject notebook (no 3 or 5 subject) spiral notebook


Extra Help

            Please come see me if you need extra help and find that you having difficulties. I will be happy to work with you after school on Thursdays, or we can make an appointment for another time. Also, there is math tutoring available every Tuesday in room 304 from 3:30-4:15.


Contact Information


            Phone:(803) 442-6100 ext. 170