Reading Counts/SRI/Lexile

Reading Counts!

Reading Counts is a reading program where students read a book in their  lexile level, and then take a quiz on the computer.  There are thousands of books that have quizzes installed in the program.  

In Room 17, students will be required to read one chapter book a month, and take a quiz on it.  Students take an SRI test (see below) which will determine what their lexile level is.  The Reading Counts quiz is taken on the computer at school.  It is a 10 question quiz.  Students must receive at least a 7/10 to pass the quiz.  If a student receives 6 or below, he/she has three opportunities to take the quiz to get a passing grade.

Students will find out the due date for the quiz as each month begins.  Most due dates will be at the end of the month.  If a student waits to take the quiz on the due date, and does not pass, he/she will not get an opportunity to take it again.  Therefore, I encourage students to take the quiz as soon as they can.  **If a student does not take a quiz by the due date, his/her reading effort grade will be affected.**  I will send home a report showing your child's grade as soon as the due date has passed.

Students can choose a book from our classroom library, from the school library, or from home.  **Please note:  If a student chooses a book from home or the public library, he/she MUST first check the book with me.  I will check the lexile level, and check to make sure there is a quiz installed.**


Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), is an online reading test that students take which will determine their lexile level.  This quiz will be taken at school about once a month.  This program is wonderful in that it offers students the chance to visually see their growth as readers.  After each SRI test session, I will send home a report that allows you and your child to see his/her progress for the year.  The SRI test usually takes around 20 minutes. It is a series of paragraphs with a multiple choice question after each one.  

Students receive their lexile level once they complete the SRI test.  This lexile number will allow students to choose books to read that are in their reading level.  Once students have this number, they will have a range of 100 below and above to help them choose a book.  For example, if a student received a lexile score of 512, his/her range would be 410-610.  That student can then choose a book with a lexile level in that range.  The range helps to give them more options, as well as to challenge themselves.  **Please note that lexile levels and reading levels are different.  You want to make sure your child is reading a book in his/her reading level (usually 3rd-4th grade).**  Lexile levels change throughout the year.  Sometimes they will go up, and sometimes they will go down.  It's common for there to be a fluctuation.  The target range for 3rd grade is for students to have their lexile in between 520-820.  If your child starts the year lower than 520, the goal is for his/her level to get up over 520.  If your child is already in that range, the goal is for his/her level to get in the advanced range of over 820.

Reading Counts Quizzes: The following are the due dates for the year:

September 30

October 31

December 20

Janurary 31

February 28

March 31

April 30

May 29