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Show Up Your Business in the Crowd

If you currently be present at a conference or trade show, it's possible that you saw some vendors using a Video Wall Rental service to show their services and products. This technique of presenting is very famous as it comes out to the audience catching their attention, normally superior to the sales person at the back of table. The weight and price of HD LCDs and TVs is trending lesser and when fixed with the hardware of LED Wall Panels it makes this a gorgeous solution for some different venues.


Initially, this kind of marketing was exclusively used in trade shows and exhibitions. On the other hand, with the stable drop in the price of a HD television, LED Video Wall Rental services started showing up in places outer of the exhibit floor together with in lobbies of corporate office, at the hotel, airport and shopping malls. Plasma or LCD screens with Outdoor Display Cases are planned as one or more than one video wall panel configurations. If coming to the more famous formats then these are 3x2, 2x2, 4x4 and 3x3. The specific area needed to set up a video wall completely depends on the overall size of the display.

In the past, hardware of LED Video Wall Panels was a lot more bulky, but these days, displays are coming in the market with very lightweight, simple to mount on a wall and reasonable too. In addition, the LED Video Wall Rentals service offer much greater resolution evaluated to predecessors.


You can surprise how all those panels are managed perfectly. It is done utilizing a proper and effective management system. It is a complicated, yet easy to use appliance which is set up in a cabinet or office generally situated a distant from the screens panel. A highly experienced technician perfectly configures the screen panels to show different types of images on the different screen panels or leave one specific image on different screens. This offers a complete presentation which is simply modified to match with the message or audience.

This hardware of LED Screens For Events is housed in a compressed device carefully planned to fit into normal commercial grade computer racks or cabinets. Generally, the suitable management system is arranged away from the panel permitting a technician to tenuously configure the images and settings. The program of video wall is carefully designed to be simple enough and doesn’t need advanced level of training. Technical experts learn how to carefully set up as well as configure these types of systems in just one session.

The advantages of these kinds of visual marketing tools are easily available to any particular business and not bound to those with enough marketing budgets and technology. They can be managed to allow contact with the programmed or passerby to stream images or video 24 hours a day. Naturally, people are attracted to the TV display making video walls a perfect system to deliver a greatly targeted message to the specific viewer.


Get 2 Months for $5!