AR (Accelerated Reader)

Based on student performance, each student is given a set goal of AR points to reach at the beginning of each nine week period.  This goal is always negotiable, depending on student circumstances, but is highly reccomended and required in order to boost a child's reading level and comprehension.  Parents are required to sign a Parent Report at the beginning of each nine weeks to show student performance, AR goals, reading levels, and suggested strategies to help students with reading and comprehension.

In order for each student to reach their "AR goal", they must read a total of fifteen minutes nightly. This counts for a majority of the homework assigned to this class.  In addition to the reading required at home, students are given fifteen to twenty minutes of daily class time to read, therefore, much time is alotted to complete this program.

AR point achievement and comprehension will be graded each nine weeks and is required by the Language Arts Department of South Point Middle School. 

AR Marking Periods 2012-2013 School Year:

1st Nine Weeks 
Start: 8/17/12
End: 10/5/2012
2nd Nine Weeks
Start: 10/8/12
End: 12/14/12
3rd Nine Weeks
Start: 12/17/12
End: 3/1/13
4th Nine Weeks
Start: 3/4/13
End: 5/10/13


** The last day to check out books is May 6, 2013.

** Books must be turned in to the library by Friday, May 10, 2013. 


Please view the following links for more information:

AR Book Finder: You may use this link to search for and find AR books.  You can also view how many AR points each book is worth.
Take AR Tests (During School Hours Only): Students may click this link, log in, then take AR tests at this location.  TOPS reports MUST be printed, signed by the librarian, then signed by me on the day that AR tests are taken.