"Click" If You Have Been Absent

What To Do When You Miss Class:

1. Speak with Mrs. Lunsford face-to-face to find out what you have missed. Make sure you do this on your own time (between classes, breaks, etc.).  YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for making up your missing assignments.

2. Search the "absence folder" in the back of the classroom for returned papers.

3. If it is a "Caught 'ya" day,  date the day's Caught 'ya, then write the Caught 'ya number, and write "absent"on the day that  you missed.  If it is an excused absence, you do not have to make up Caught 'yas.  They add up quickly. 

4. Write "absent" on the calendar day that you missed in the monthly calendar section of your agenda.  You are not responsible for making up analogies if it is an excused absence.

5. Click on the "HOMEWORK" link to make sure you have turned in ALL homework that was assigned while you were absent.

6. Catch up on notes/readings that you missed.  You may have to get with a classmate and copy lecture notes upon return.

7. Try to to practice excellent attendance :)